SR Women's Organization (SRWO)
The Stratton Ridge Community is fortunate to have a vibrant and active Women’s organization. The Stratton Ridge Women’s Organization (SRWO) is a fully operational community of women who plan activities, hold monthly meetings, and sponsor special interest groups.
2022 SRWO Couples Party!
It's a Mexican Fiesta! Click Here for Information on the SRWO Couples Party happening on June 11, 2022, 7PM.
Please RSVP by June 5!
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Updated Membership List - April 2022
2021-2022 Newsletters:
2021-2022 Membership Form: Please Use the New Speedy Online "Cognito" Form and Follow Instructions
The 2021-2022 Directory is here!!
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2021-2022 Officers:
  • Co-Presidents
  • Salem Webb, Jenna Harris 
  • Newsletter Secretary  
  • Salem Webb
  • Technology Secretary
  • Lark King
  • Directory and Membership        
  • Becca Winegar
  • Treasurer                   
  • Sue Wright
  • Recording Secretary                         
  • Elaine Christensen
  • Hospitality                      
  • Michelle Warrick
  • Sunshine and Welcome
  • Hila Kesos and Leslie Trow   

Interest Groups
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SRWO welcomes ladies new to Stratton Ridge and current and past residents. SRWO offers a great entrée into the happenings of this wonderful community and helps women and families form lasting friendships among its members and neighbors.
Monthly meetings are held the first Thursday evening of the month from September through May at a member’s home. Meetings include social events, local business speakers, Christmas gift exchange, a couples event, a spring salad buffet and other activities

SRWO members receive an invaluable directory that includes:
  • A neighborhood map
  • Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, spouse’s name, and children’s names/ages of other members
  • A list of businesses owned and operated by Stratton Ridge residents
  • A register of enterprising neighborhood youths willing to walk the dog, baby-sit the children, housesit, take care of plants, shovel snow, mow lawns, etc.
  • A directory of member-recommended services ranging from animal boarding to window treatments.
Interest Groups

SRWO special interest groups cater to the needs of all. These groups change over time, but there have been groups focused on gardening, roller blading, lunch outings, golf, investment clubs, book clubs, gourmet groups and much, much more.
  • Java Jabbers
  • Sip and Stitch
  • Cocktail/Appetizer Club
  • Book Club
  • Techie Topics
  • Out-to-Lunch Bunch
  • Artsy Fartsy
  • Bunko
  • Ladie’s Play Date
  • Hiking Club
  • Adopt-a-Family:  Supports a needy family at Christmas with gifts, clothing, household items, food, etc.
  • Monument Decorating:  Decorates and lights the two entrances to Stratton Ridge at Christmas
  • Neighborhood Welcoming:   Welcomes new residents to Stratton Ridge with a gift and community information
  • Sunshine: Delivers a card/gifts and offers assistance for births, deaths or tragic events that happen to Stratton Ridge families
All SRWO forms, documents, and newsletters can be found in the Documents>>SRWO folder
Contact Us
To find out more about the Stratton Ridge Women’s Organization please email Lark King Contact Us