2015 Street Paving
Posted on Oct 11th, 2014

The Infrastructure Committee is happy to report the results of a recent meeting with the Douglas County Department of Public Works, in Castle Rock, regarding road work in the Stratton Ridge Community.  We met with Pete George, the street engineer for our community, and his department manager, to determine when we would receive attention to our roads, sidewalks, gutters and curbs.  We presented (25) twenty five photographs representative of the damage that we felt demonstrated support for our position and the need for improvements.  The Department staff were very helpful and informed us that we are scheduled for much needed repairs.  

Based on our history of previous work in the community,  Terraridge, Westwind and Briarhurst are scheduled for a complete repaving in 2015.  A complete repaving would include repairing/replacing, as appropriate, the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks in the March/April time-frame and the roads repaved in June/July.

We attempted to have Terrace and Glenhaven included on the same schedule but were informed that due to budgetary constraints, that would not be possible.  Therefore, they will follow a similar scheduled as stated above for a complete repaving in 2016.  

While the repairs are now scheduled, if you have issues that you consider to be a “trip hazard”, road damage or other dangerous conditions, please contact Roger Partridge, of the DCDPW Operations Department at 303.660.7480 to request immediate attention.  Due to the Department’s workload, more than one call may be necessary in order to get a satisfactory response.  You can also access the Department’s website, where you can complete a user friendly request for assistance.

The Committee will be in contact with Pete George early next year in order to ensure that the schedule and scope of work planned for 2015 is on track as was presented to us. 
We will keep you informed of progress and any changes.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Infrastructure Committee via the SRHOA website.

Joe Newman, Chair
Jerry Boswell
Kent Peterson
Kara Plender