Annual Meeting - Need Proxies and Board Candidates
Posted on Feb 20th, 2016

Calling all neighbors! Our annual meeting is Monday, March 14th at Eastridge starting at 7pm.
It's very important that we achieve quorum so if you can't make the meeting in person please fill out and return the proxy form or contact Linda Hall at to stop by and pick it up. If we don't make quorum we have to go through the time and expense of scheduling another meeting so please return your proxy forms!
In addition we only have 2 board members who have volunteered to stay on. That means we need at least 3 extra volunteers to help run Stratton Ridge! We'd like to see some new faces volunteer if possible this year. The commitment is small, typically just one standing meeting a month, plus a few additional hours to do the occasional neighborhood walkthrough and keep up with email. Please fill out the Nomination Application if you are interested in volunteering.