Landscape Update
Posted on Feb 21st, 2023

     Contracts and proposals from SaBell’s, Preservation Tree Care, and Sustainable Landscapes Colorado are currently in the review stage to maintain our turf, native grass, planting beds, trees, shrubs, and entrance monuments. Goals for this season include renewal of bare spots in our turf, application of mulch to greenbelts, removal of dead trees and branches, renovation of 6 small entrance monument planting beds, and pruning all Linden trees.
     As a high plains grassland, our landscape is a bit of a complicated ecosystem which combines trees, plants, and grasses that have differing moisture needs. Water restrictions are predicted for our area again this summer and we are mindful of our valuable water resource by conserving it, yet assure you we are monitoring our landscape so it gets the water it needs for survival.
     Turf may be left a bit longer than usual to give it protection from the heat. The native grass will be monitored and watered only in extreme drought conditions as is recommended for native species, allowing roots to go deeper in search of water, creating healthier grasses and choking out weeds. Plans remain in place to not mow any of the native grass, allowing seed heads to mature and reseed.
     As always, we are open to feedback from residents and welcome volunteers to the Landscape Committee. Any concerns or comments? Please contact Mara Robertson | Community Association Manager (303) 482-2213 x412 | (303) 495-5895 fax or any Landscape Committee member.