Street Paving & Curb/Gutter Repair
Posted on Mar 20th, 2015

We are pleased to report that the Stratton Ridge Roadway Project is scheduled to begin shortly. You may have already observed orange paint on the roads and sidewalks which is evidence that the planning process is well underway. At this time the asphalt roadway overlay is scheduled to begin in May for Westwind, Terraridge and Briarhurst. As previously reported, the overlay for Terrace and Glenhaven is scheduled for May of 2016. According to Brian Schultz, of the Douglas County Department of Public Works, the contractor selected for the project, Chatos Concrete, Inc. will be meeting with DCDPW this week to finalize the specifications and timelines. When this information is received from the county, you will be notified via the SRHOA website and email. The contractor will also be responsible to have representatives in the community going door to door discussing the project and answering questions you may have. If you are not at home, written material will be provided. The stated goal of all parties involved is to minimize the disruption that this project will bring to the area.

Joe Newman, the Stratton Ridge Infrastructure Committee Chari, will be the point of contact with DCDPW and can be reached via the community website, or telephone, 303.808.6328. Mr. Schultz will be the Inspector of the project, and will be on-site throughout the next few months.

In addition the street repaving, curb, gutter and sidewalk repair projects will be occurring throughout all of Stratton Ridge. This project replaces substandard adjacent curb and gutter, concrete cross-pans, and installing ADA ramps in advance of planned work on the streets. This work will begin in late March.

During the 2015 Stratton Ridge Annual HOA meeting on Monday, March 9, a discussion was held regarding the Douglas County Department of Public Works' (DCDPW) curb, sidewalk, gutter and roadway project scheduled to begin later this month. Several homeowners expressed a preference to have the curbs at their driveways have a more gradual slope to the gutter similar to ones they have observed in other homes in the community, rather than the ones provided through the County's efforts. In our discussion with Bryan Schultz, the DCDPW Inspector for our project, the specifications for the project have been decided and the slope to be provided will be uniform and approximately 6 inches in height. The homes observed with the more gradual slope have had work performed on their driveways by private contractors.

Mr. Schultz did indicate that it is possible for a homeowner to contact a licensed contractor to have the slope reduced, but this would be at the owner's expense, and would require a permit issued by the County. In order to get this done in conjunction with the roadway project, action would have to be initiated as soon as possible.

Please contract the Infrastructure Committee with any questions or concerns.