Xeriscape not Zero Scape
Posted on May 31st, 2023

Interesting tidbits on xeriscape from Craig Miller, Horticulturist and ISA Certified Arborist: The concept of Xeriscape was developed in Denver, Colorado, in response to water shortages in the 1980's. Xeriscape refers to a landscape that uses little supplemental water. It does not refer to a dry, barren landscape, nor is a xeriscape a "no maintenance" landscape. By using plants that are well adapted, mulches that suppress weeds and conserve water, and efficient irrigation systems to make the most use of water, these landscapes can have color and fragrance with only monthly or seasonal gardening chores.
Xeriscape is not a landscape style or garden design. Xeriscape is a concept of water conservation that may be applied to landscapes of any style, from traditional to English, Japanese to Southwestern. They may be formal or natural looking. The principles used to develop xeriscapes are good horticultural practices applied to our unique High Plains desert environment.
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