Landscape Update
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2015

LCS turned the irrigation system on in June and has been repairing and replacing parts as required. There was some damage to our irrigation system from the work the sidewalk/concrete guys did that caused LCS to repair and replace quite a few of the heads and lines. These costs will be reimbursed by the concrete company doing the sidewalk repair. The lack of water due to these issues has caused some brown spots in the turf, which we will watch closely and those areas will either be reseeded or replaced with new sod.

LCS has removed and replaced a lot of dead shrubs, mainly due to the November, December and Mother's Day weather. The monuments plants are in and LCS is aware some of the plants have died, which they will replace. The water supply for the monuments was part of the problem and those issues have been addressed. Since it is so late in the season, as well as the weather being so hot now we decided to not plant any annuals this year in the monument areas.

A few of us did another walk-thru recently to review the mulch bed issues. We assigned a priority to each of the mulch beds needing attention then the board approved the highest priority beds to be taken care of this year. This work will expand / improve the mulch beds where the turf won't grow due to nearby trees. This work should be starting shortly.

You may have noticed the beauty bands (areas of mowed native grass) around the beds and turf areas. The board asked LCS to do this in hopes it would keep the weeds out of the beds and turf. We came to the conclusion it is not the look we were going for, so LCS will be using a weed-wacker, opposed to the lawn mower to make a smaller beauty bands.

Davey Tree trimmed a lot of trees due to the snow damage this spring. Since we have not had a tree program in the past, the board decided to research and come up with a program to care for our trees that are mature and need attention. Davey Tree analyzed and assigned a priority for each of our 700+ trees regarding treatment options, deep-root watering, trimming, removing, etc. to keep our trees healthy. We are evaluating the urgencies of the trees in need, as well as attempting to stay within our budget. Davey Trees proposal will be discussed again in detail and possibly approved at our next board meeting in August.

The board feels very comfortable and satisfied with the work LCS and Davey Tree has completed so far. The weather caused us to not be on the schedule we hoped for, but things are happening now.
With the bad weather came a lot of tree/shrub work we hadn't planned on, but we will work to get as much of the work done as possible and still attempt to stay within our budget.
Please let us know if you see anything needing attention.
Thank you!
Patti Barnett, Landscaping Chair