Landscaping Update
Posted on Sep 13th, 2013

LANDSCAPING UPDATE September 13, 2012
1. ELCI has crews working on Briarhurst and Terraridge.
2. Weather has caused a two day delay to the schedule. It is expected that the new completion date of the project is October 6th.
3. ELCI has provided the HOA with watering schedules and will continue to provide updates as these are adjustedseasonally and as they are adjusted for establishment.
4. The HOA landscape committee will inspect work on Glenhaven on Thursday, September 20th. ELCI and Norris Design will not be at this meeting.
5. The HOA representatives will inspect Glenhaven and Terrace with ELCI and Norris Design the week of September 24th. A meeting request will be circulated for this event.
6. The primary focus of this meeting was to review the following topics:
Terrace Drive
7. Weed management in seed areas will be on-going. ELCI has been using mowing and hand pulling for weed control. Mowing is not occurring in areas were wildflowers are beginning to develop.
8. There are two additional Spruce trees that should be installed. ELCI should schedule delivery of these trees. ELCI will provide stakes to mark the location of these two trees so it can be reviewed prior to installation.
9. There are no known irrigation leaks.
10. ELCI still needs to schedule stump removal on Terrace Remaining stumps on Terrace. The locations are as follows 2234 Terrace and between 2344/2354 Terrace.
11. The HOA was provided contacts for Civil Engineers to consult regarding the suspected ground water issue on Terrace
12. ELCI has plant material for the Green Meadows monument scheduled to be delivered this week.
Glenhaven Drive
13. There was an irrigation leak identified by both ELCI and Centennial Water. A notice of violation was sent by Centennial Water. ELCI has corrected the leak.
14. ELCI has submitted a permit to increase the water budget temporarily for sod establishment. Permits have been submitted for Briarhurst, Terraridge, and Westwind also.
15. Seed is beginning to germinate – controlling weeds will be the most significant activity in upcoming weeks.
16. ELCI still needs to protect the damaged bark on the Linden tree adjacent to the backflow. Reference field report #17 for corrective action required. ELCI will have their arborist review the health of this tree.
17. ELCI provided pricing for additional plant material for Glenhaven. Norris Design will submit a change order with this cost.  
18. ELCI was directed to move two shrubs to better screen the back flow. They were also directed to paint the  backflow cage. This has not occurred yet.
19. There are still some plants to be installed.
20. There is still some additional tree trimming which needs to occur.
Entry Monuments
21. Demolition work on the monuments at University and Dad Clark is complete.
22. Plant material and irrigation is being installed Saturday, September 15, 2012.
Briarhurst Drive
23. Work on this area is scheduled to be completed by September 26th, there are no know obstacles to achieving this date. Planting is currently occurring.
24. Prior to seeding or sodding the irrigation system should be operated and inspected for proper coverage on the seed areas. Additional heads are likely required to increase coverage. ELCI has submitted pricing to provide these additional irrigation heads.
Terraridge Drive and Westwind Lane
25. Work is scheduled to be competed by October 4th. Seeding on Terraridge is currently scheduled for October 1st then there is time allocated for detailing the areas.
26. Work on Westwind will be scheduled concurrent with Terraridge and conclude around October 4th.
27. Norris Design will provide a design showing updated irrigation and landscape to represent changes discussed with the HOA. This will come by separate document.27.
28. Norris Design will review the landscape areas on the side and rear of lot of 8798 Westwind to determine the actual limits of HOA ownership.