Architectural Requests
Architectural Committee
The Architectural Committee is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Stratton Ridge Residential Improvement Guidelines and ensuring that Straton Ridge remains an attractive neighborhood.
Please note that ALL exterior improvements to your home, unless explicitly permitted by the HRCA Residential Improvement Guidelines, require approval from both the HRCA and Stratton Ridge. If in doubt, please submit a request. Also, please note that in certain circumstances the Stratton Ridge RIGS are more stringent. Failure to get proper approval may require you to re-do the work at your own expense.
Application Process
The Application process has 2 parts. The first is with HRCA and the second is with Stratton Ridge.
 The procedure for submitting Architectural request forms is as follows:
  1. File the application with HRCAYou can file the application online by following the link to the HRCA Online Home Improvement Request Forms
    • Your application will be reviewed by HRCA and either approved or denied. If your application is denied by HRCA, please work with them to modify the plan as needed to get approval.
  2. Once HRCA approves your plans, file an application with Stratton Ridge on the owners portal 
    1. Log into:
    2. Select ARC Plans (gray box) in the Account Info section (below the VIEW ACCOUNT DETAIL and PAY NOW!  buttons)
    3. On the next screen called “Architectural,” select ‘Add New.’
    4. Fill out the requested information, upload any documents (including your HRCA approval letter, paint samples, sketches or drawings, etc.) and click the green "submit for review button
    5. Click here for a step by step guide to completing your application

  3. Your application will then be reviewed by the Stratton Ridge Architectural Committee and you will be notified via email if approved.
You must wait to receive your approval from both HRCA and Stratton Ridge before you begin work.
If an application is denied or Homeowner doesn’t agree with proposed changes, the homeowner may file an appeal with the HRCA board for their denial or to Stratton Ridge’s board if it is their denial. 
Please contact if you have any questions.
Committee Chair: Carol Deering
Committee Members:  
Roy King  
Carol Lens  
Andrew Nachtrab  
Kent Peterson